Spell Rell

Christopher Spellen, also known as “Spell Rell”, is an artist/musician born & raised in New Haven, Connecticut. He fell in love with music at a young age through his father, a DJ on WRBB in Boston. A popular radio DJ, his father introduced him to music in all forms, even putting Spell in violin & piano lessons. Spell listened to many styles of music genres growing up. Some of his earliest influences include Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye & Green Day. But it was Notorious B.I.G. and the “Ready to Die” album that derived Spell’s love for hip hop. From rapping in cyphers in lunchrooms, to winning rap battles in Germany, Spell is a self taught artist who takes pride in his lyrics and unique flow.

Now in Guam, Spell launched his career with his first single Sugar Honey Ice Tea off his “Makin Moves” mixtape. Since then, Spell has taken a page out of Russ’ handbook & has released a song every week in 2020 – produced by JDot. With an incredible work ethic, loyal listeners, & music streams growing on a daily basis, Spell hopes to continue growing his talent within the music industry – showing the world what he’s got.