Preston The Kid

‘Preston The Kid’ (PTK), born March 8, 2001 is a Music Producer/ DJ from San Diego, California. Started music at the young age of 13 DJing for his 7th grade Middle School Dance. PTK grew up listening to various genres of music from famous artists such as Rush, Dave Matthews Band, Armin Van Buuren, and Queen. PTK was heavily inspired in the EDM scene from his father, Paul Lutter, who introduced him to old school trance music. Since then, PTK has yet to look back. 

Moving forward, PTK has developed a unique style of EDM music and recently brought forward Hip hop style songs to artists at New Waves. PTK hopes to make a  tsunami in the EDM scene on Guam, spreading his love and passion for EDM music while creating album worthy records for all artists at New Waves.