Rajiv Daryanani

Rajiv Daryanani, born in India & raised in London, has always been a working man. He realized he wanted to take his dreams even further when he was 21 & started his own businesses such as RM Renovations. His creativity & business drive has gained him notable credibility which has led him to work under the likes of Twickenham Studios, building film sets with his own hands. A keen percussionist, who has played the drums since a young age, has always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps – he cultivated his part to play in the music & film industry. Music was what inspired him to move forward with his earliest memories of his father’s love in entertainment.

Moving to Guam 3 years ago, he continued his business venture & started Renov8Guam and founded Gaudent Studios – now New Waves Studios. His work ethic has inspired many, leading to the growth of both companies. A loyal family man first, businessman & entrepreneur, Raj has proven time after time that hard work pays off. The best part? He isn’t even done yet.